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The following bibliography provide resources on Ethnomusicology, Theatre and Dance, Oral literature and Anthropology related to Himalayan Music and Dance. It  includes works in western languages as well as resources in Nepali, Newari, Pahari dialects, Tibetan, Sanskrit, Hindi, Bengali and Urdu.. This bibliography concerns  musicians, music and musical language, performing arts (theater and dance) as well as studies made by sanskritists, linguists, historians, anthropologists, folklorist and specialists of oral literature. 

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Discography of Himalayan Music


Aubert, L. 1989, NEPAL. Musique de fête chez les Newar. Recordings made in 1952 by M. Lobsiger-Dellenbach (2) and in 1973 by L. Aubert (1, 3-17). One CD (68'30), Genève, Archives Internationales de Musique populaire, AIMP XIII, VDE-GALLO/CD-553. Review by M. Helffer in 1990 Yearbook for Traditional Music, vol.22, pp.168-169.  
Bernède, F.

1997 “Bardes of Himalaya, Epics and Trance Music ”.CNR 2741080 [Le Chant du Monde,Collection du CNRS et du Musée de L ’Homme, Paris ]. Review by R. Canzio in 1998 Cahiers de Musiques Traditionelles, Genève, Vol 11, pp. 304-306 and by H. Weisethaunet in 2000 Asian Music. 


1997a “Himalayan Music ”,CD of “Himalayan Music,State of the Art ”, A special double issue of the European Bulletin of Himalayan Research,CNRS, Paris ; SOAS, London ; SAI, Heidelberg. Recordings made by A. Bake, I. Grandin, F. Bernède, C. Tingey, S. Laurent, H. Weisethaunet, M. Lahtinen and P. Moisala, B. Pignède, C. Jest, P. Bouchery.

Cronk, G.   1964, Songs and Dances of Nepal. One LP, Ethnic Folkways Library FE 4101 [Indiana University : Archives of Folk and Primitive Music. Ethnomusicological Series].  
Helffer, M.   1969, Castes de musiciens au Népal. Recordings made by M. Gaborieau, M. Helffer, C. Jest, A.W. Macdonald. One LP, Musée de l'Homme, Editions du Département d'Ethnomusicologie, LD20. Booklet by M. Helffer including an introduction and comments, texts in Nepali and their translation in French, musical notations, photos (Fasc.I: 62p ; Fasc. II transl. in English : 39pp.).Out of print.  
Hoerburger, F. 1971, Nepal-Musik der Nevârî Kasten. One LP, Berlin, Klangdokumente zur Musikwissenschaft KM 0003. Review by M. Helffer, in Ethnomusicology, 19 (2), 1975, pp. 333-335.  
Laurent, S 1999, Népal. Rituel and Divertissements. Recordings (1995-1996), textes and photos. Patrimoine Musical - Musiques Traditionelles d'Aujourd'hui. Avec le soutien de la Faculté de Musique de l'Université de Montréal. Collection UNESCO. 1 CD Auvidis /Naïve D8279.Review by F. Bernède, in Cahiers de Musiques traditionelles, 13, 2000, pp. 260-264.  
Pignède, B.   1958, Au pied de l'Annapurna. One LP 25cm, Le Chant du Monde, LDS-8245. [Gurung music].
Pignède, B. 1958, Chants du Népal. One LP 17cm, Le Chant du Monde, LDY-4175.  
Valentin, S. N.D., Musique traditionnelle du Népal (Gainés from Hyangja, Pokhara area). One CD, Musiques du Monde 82493-2.
Wegner, G.M. 1999, Music of The Sherpa People of Nepal 1, Shebru Dance-Songs from the Everest Region, Namche ( Khmbhu) and Thamo (KBC Staff). Two CD. Eco Himal and Kathmandu University Department of Music.
Weisethaunet, H. 1997, The Real Folk Music of Nepal, 1 CD, texts, translations.  Recordings of the sarangya Jhalakman Gandharva and the late Ram Saran Nepali. Travelling Records.       

Tibet, Ladakh, Sikkim, Dolpo
Beyer, St Ritual and Theatrical Music of Tibet Lyrichord LLST 7291, 1 disc 30cm/33t.
Canzio, R. 1981, Les traditions rituelles des Bonpos tibétains. OCORA, C 580016.
Canzio, R. 1985, Ache Lhamo: Théâtre tibétain "Prince Norsang", par le Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts, Sonodisc ESP 8433, coll. dirigée par Françoise Chappuis, 1 disque 30cm/33t, Dharamsala 
  1955, Musique tibétaine du Sikkim, Vogue LVLX-187, collection Musée de l'Homme
(Recordings of a documentary film expedition, Sikkim)
Crossley-Holland, P. 1961, La musique du bouddhisme tibétain: Tibet I : The Nyingmapa and the Kagyupa Sects ; Tibet II : the Sakyapa and the Gelugpa Sects ; Tibet III : the Kagyupa and the Gelugpa Sects.Bärenreiter Musicaphon, UNESCO Collection: A Musical Anthology of the Orient, BM 30 L 2009-2011, 3 disques 30 cm / 33 t. (Recorded in Inde, Népal, Sikkim)
Crossley-Holland, P. 1961, Tibetan Folk and Minstrel Music Lyrichord LLST 7196, revised edition Albatros VPA 8449, 1 disque 30 cm / 33 t (Recordings:  in India and Nepal )
Crossley-Holland, P.   1961, Tibetan folk and minstrel music. One LP, Lyrichord LL176 (Face B. Ladakhi Music]  
Helffer, M.  1989, Ladakh, Musique de monastère et de village. One CD (64'49), Le Chant du Monde LDX 274662, coll. CNRS-Musée de l'Homme. Reprint edition of LDX 74662 published in 1978, with additional recordings.  
Jest, C.   1966, Tibet-Népal : Musique bouddhiste lamaïque ; musique rituelle et profane. One LP, Paris, BAM LD-104.  
Larson, E.   1983, Tibetan Music from Ladakh and Zanskar. One LP, Lyrichord LLST 7383.  
Levy, J.   1996, Tibetan Buddhist Rites from the Monasteries of Bhutan. 4 CD's set : vol.1, Rituals of the Drukpa Order from Thimphu and Punakha ; Vol.2 , Sacred Dances & Rituals of the Nyingmapa &nd Drukpa Orders ; Vol.3, Temple Rituals and Public Ceremonies ; Vol.4, Tibetan and Bhutanese Instrumental and Folk Music. Lyrichord LYRCD 7255-7258. Reissue of the recordings made in 1971 and first published as LLST 7255-7258. Review by P. Crossley-Holland in Ethnomusicology vol.18 (3), 1974, pp. 463-467 and by M. Helffer in Yearbook for Traditional Music vol.7 (1975), pp. 180-183.  
Luneau, G. 1971, Tibet: Musique sacrée Ocora C 559011 (Recordings: in Népal)
Luneau, G.  1971, Musique et théâtre populaire tibétains, Ocora, OCR 62, 1 disc 30cm/33t. (Recordings in Népal)
Lewiston, D.   1977, Ladakh Songs and Dances from the Highlands of Western Tibet, recorded in Leh, one LP, Nonesuch Explorer Series H-72075 (Stereo). Review of the five LP records by M. Helffer, Yearbook of the IFMC vol.X (1979), pp. 133-136  
Lewiston, D. 1989, Tibetan Buddhism, Shartse College of Ganden Monastery Bridge Records CD/BCD 9015, 8
(Recordings: India)
Lewiston, D. Tibetan Folk Music from Lhasa and Amdo Lyrichord LLST 7286, 1 disc 30cm/33t
  Airs du Tibet; rythmes d'aujourd'hui Dewatshang DEWA 2 (Cassette), Paris: by the groupe Rangtsen Shonu (India)  [recent songs on patriotic themes]
  Nang-ma; Musiques de Lhassa Dewatshang C. DEWA 4, Paris: by the  groupe Nang-ma (Switzerland)
( Songs accompanied by a traditional ensemble music (lute, guitar, 2 fiddles, flute).
  1988, Musique du toit du monde-Ladakh et Nepal Playasound, PS 65021 Paris 
  Die Stimme der Stille-Der Gesang des Lama Gyurmé Editions Pratik 1994 , 07-062591-10
(example of Tibetan Religious Hymnes combined with electronic instruments)

Tibet (Chinese Recordings)
Ge-sar rgyal-po'i sgrung-glu: Hor-gling gyul-gyed gces-btus [notated in Chinese and Tibetan; Songs from the Gesar-Legend: 3 tapes published in Sechuan 1983, S.D.001 - S.D.003
Pha-yul glu-gzhas: Nang-ma et stod-gzhas (9 nang-ma 9 stod-gzhas from the region around Lhasa) female voice accompanied by traditional ensemble lute, vièle, guitar.)
Gangs-ljongs snyan-dbyangs [Musique du pays des neiges], XL 004 Examples of songs from different regions]
(Rkong-po, Mnga'-ris, Lho-kha, Lhasa). (female voice accompanied by modern Chinese orchestra)
The Golden Potala Palace [Chinese and English titles], Heaven Studio & Video Press SBT / HM 54. Musique et arrangement par Zhu Xiaogu, National Philarmonic Orchestra of Shanghai [Chinese arrangements of Tibetan songs].

Indian Himalaya / Pakistan-Karakoram

Lewiston, D.   1974, Kashmir Traditional Songs and Dances, recorded in Srinagar, one LP, Nonesuch  Explorer Series H-72058 (Stereo).  
Lewiston, D.   1975, Festivals of the Himalayas, recorded in Chamba & Kulu (H.P.), one LP, Nonesuch   Explorer Series H-72065 (Stereo).  
Lewiston, D.   1976, Kashmir. Traditional Songs and Dances vol.II, recorded in Srinagar & Sari Dangpura, one LP, Nonesuch Explorer Series H-72069 (Stereo).  
Liebermann F. and M. Moore   1975, Music in Sikkim, recorded in dec.1969 and january 1970, one LP, ABC Records/ Coms-9002. Review by P. Crossley-Holland, Ethnomusicology vol.XXI/3, pp. 529-531.  
Lewiston, D.   1974, Music in the Karakorams of Central Asia, recorded in Hunza & Gilgit, one LP, Nonesuch Explorer Series H-72061 (Stereo).

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